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Information Automation Collaboration

WorkerThread is a technology consultancy which helps organisations to get best value from their information systems and solutions.

People as Middleware

We live in a world where information workers need to find access and react to large quantities of information, from numerous sources, during the course of their work. We want to make life easier for them! Our aim is to help our clients to fully realise their investment in technology. To this end, we are committed to offering solutions which are cost-effective and quick to develop and deploy.

Minimum Code, Maximum Value

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Wherever possible, we try to find “no-code” solutions for our clients’ business problems. We work extensively with the Microsoft suite of “information worker” tools, particularly SharePoint Server, Microsoft Office, and SQL Server databases, and have many years of experience across this range of products.

Our Focus is on the Solution

No matter how clever the technology becomes, a successful IT solution depends on factors such as a clear understanding of the business problem, and indeed the business itself. We take pride in telling it like it is when advising our clients on how best to use technology in their organisation.

Our Clients

We work with a variety of businesses and organisations, large and small, in sectors ranging from professional services, consumer goods, education and manufacturing. We also provide information worker support services to other technology companies, in particular to Microsoft Partners who need additional resource for: